To observe the 5th death anniversary of our beloved Vasantha Kumar, VU2VWN, and to commemorate the loving memory of VWN, the HAM friends of Vasantha kumar together with the Rural Amateur radio Club, Thuruthipuram, Kerala is organizing a ham radio meet at Aluva, in Ernakulam District on 18th December 2016. All are invited to attend. For more details and to register for the event, Click Here.

Vasnatha Kumar VU2VWN
Vasnatha Kumar VU2VWN

QSL Card of VU2VWN
QSL Card of VU2VWN

VU2 VWN became silent key on 20 Oct 2011 at the age of 60. His life ended suddenly while he was on a pilgrimage to Chardham, after his Mansasarovar Yatra. He was the man who revolutionized HAM Radio in South India with his QRP transmitter (widely known as VWN QRP). His design of VFO using BFW10 FET and 7 Watts 7 MHZ QRP using BD139 NPN transistor became very popular as all the components are locally available. He was a great Homebrewer.

Vasanth, VU2 VWN has been a ham (Amateur radio operator) for years and held the advanced grade license. He is well known for his outstanding service and dedication to the hobby. There are many avid hams around today who became licensed; thanks to motivation and help rendered by OM Vasanthakumar. His many activities included designing QRP transmitters, helping novices in installing and operating QRP transmitters, the teaching of code and theory classes to those who were either interested in becoming a ham. Vasanth was a mechanical Engineer and worked in the department of technical education, Govt. of Kerala. He was holding the rank of principal at the time of his retirement. He has contributed to the disciplines of electronics and communications for nearly 40 years. He started out with small radio and electronics projects at the age of 18 or 20. His continued thirst for knowledge led him to the study not only to Ham radio, but Astronomy and Homeopathy.


About the event

  • Venue: YMCA CampSite, Aluva
  • Location: Located in the Banks of River Periyar, Aluva, just 1.5 kms from Aluva Railway station in the Aluva - Perumbavoor KSRTC Bus route.
  • Address:
    Thottummugham, Aluva, Kerala 683105.
    Phone:0484 2623193, 04842626523, 8606252800
  • Program Convener: Joseph V A, VU2JLX, Mobile: +91 9495567036
  • Ham meet group email id: vwnhammeet2016@yahoo.com
  • Registration Link
  • List of Registered Delegates

YMCA Nonprofit center for classes & services

Event Highlights

  • CW Contest.
  • VWN QRP Exhibition.
  • Best VWN QRP Project Homebrew contest: Winner will get a brand new VHF handy.
  • Display of Ham radio items.
  • Display of QSL card collection of VU2VWN.
  • A documentary and PPT Presentation on HAM RADIO & VWN.
  • Flea Market.
  • Exhibition by HAM Radio Equipment vendors.
  • Sharing Memories of VWN by fellow HAMS.
  • Eyeball QSO

Program Schedule

  • Registration: 8.30 to 9.30 AM
  • Inauguration: 9.40 AM
  • Keynote Address: 9.50 to 10.15
  • Power Point Presentations/ Documentary: 10.15 to 10.30 AM
  • Remembering VWN: By Delegates: 10.30 to 11.30 AM
  • Announcement of CW contest result: 12.00 PM
  • Announcement of Homebrew contest result: 12.10 PM
  • Lunch: 12.30
  • Technical Presentation & eyeball QSO: From 1.30 PM onwards

Event Details

QRP Homebrew Contest

As a part of the event, we are organizing a QRP homebrew Contest in which the contestants have to home brew a VWN QRP using cheapest and locally available components.

How to participate?

  • VWN QRP schematic and details.
  • Register for the meet and express your interest in participating the contest. We will send you schematics and homebrew instructions for home brewing the rig. Also there are limited numbers of PCBs of QRP available that will be sending to the contestants on first come first serve basis. One can use even general purpose board for assembling the rig.
  • Only Power amplifier making is required. (No modulator or VFO)
  • Completed transmitter (No need to add power supply) can be handed over to the evaluation team on or before 5PM on 17/12/2016. You have to add the following written/typed text:
    A declaration of the contestant stating that (i) the contestant is a Ham radio operator with valid license, and he himself did the work, (ii) Circuit diagram of your transmitter indicating the modifications if any done on the basic VWN QRP design, (iii) Bill of materials and (iv) your comments if any
Certificates will be awarded to all participants.

Winners will be selected based on the following:

  1. Output ( voltage Stability, purity, Power output)
  2. Assembling ( quality of soldering, component selection, etc)
  3. Other features, if any
  4. For more details, contact VU2XPZ

CW Contest

This contest is conducted by Friends of Vasant in memory of OM Vasant, VU2VWN, the great home brewer, CW operator and Maha Guru of lot of Kerala Hams, who became a silent key on 20 Oct 2011.

Objective: To contact as many other amateurs as possible using CW mode on 40 meters. Each station may be contacted only once.
Date of Contest: Sunday 11 Dec 2016 Time : 6.30 am to 10.00 pm IST
Mode: CW
Category: Single Operator
Report Exchange: RST + Serial No
Points: 1 Point each for each contact, for QRP operation double points.
Log submission deadline: On or before 15 Dec 2016.
All logs must be sent by email to vwncontest@gmail.com
Top 3 Winner will be awarded with certificates and memento.
The contest results will be decided by a committee and considered as final
Certificates will be awarded to all participants.


Those who want exhibit items, please contact (VU2PIL/VU3RTE) for table space and other details


It is requested to pre register the names of the persons who want to attend the program. We are expecting around 300 delegates. There is no registration fee. However, all are requested to pay an amount of Rs. 100 at the venue for meeting the lunch and refreshments. We need the exact number of participants so as to book lunch in advance.

To register for the event Click here


Limited AC/Non AC rooms and dormitories are available at the venue. The room tariffs are given below:

AC Room (2 persons): Rs. 1350.00
Non AC Room (2 persons): Rs. 850
Non AC (3 persons): Rs. 500/-
Dormitory: 100 Rs per bed
All registration related queries, contact VU2JLX.

Other important contact persons:

VU2JLX Joseph VA, +919495567036, General convener.
VU3AVE Aneesh, +919995957776, Registration.
VU2XPZ Resel. P. P, +919562993209, General queries, Homebrew contest.
VU2ACC Charles PA, +919495842642, General queries
VU2JOS Jose Jacob, +919441696043, CW Contest.
VU2PIL Pramod, +919846920350, Exhibition.
VU3RTE Rajan, T K, +919747981882, Exhibition.
VU3VUL Shaji, +919846024472, Accomadation.

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