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Postby vk2bvs » Wed Jun 15, 2005 7:50 pm

To- Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA), Australia.



www.aba.gov.au/newspubs/radio_TV/digita ... ting.shtml

PROPOSAL THAT DIGITAL RADIO USE 43 - 50 MHz instead of 45 - 52 MHz.

1. The ABA discussion paper states that the reason to allocate the current 45 to 52 MHz and 56 to 70 MHz analogue TV allocation to future digital Radio broadcasting is to encourage international interest to develop digital broadcasting above 30 MHz.

2. The proposed digital radio 45 to 52 MHz allocation should be changed to 43 to 50 MHz to make possible an international digital radio broadcast allocation because:

a. Australian and overseas amateur radio stations operate between 50 to 54 MHz. Where TV channel 0 still operates Australian amateur radio stations must avoid interference.

b. The allocation 45 to 52 MHz is generally unique to Australia.

The single band 45 to 52 MHz is not used internationally because 50 to 54 MHz is allocated to the amateur radio service in most countries.

See appendix 1.

c. Digital radio broadcasting should be encouraged on an international digital radio spectrum that is available to a worldwide market on 43 to 50 MHz rather than the unique Australian 45 to 52 MHz allocation.

d. The range from 50 to 54 MHz and particularly 50.000 to 50.200 MHz has been under international amateur radio research for over 50 years. See appendix 1.

e. Thousands of amateur radio stations in Australia and overseas are involved with research especially between 50.000 to 50.200 MHz.

f. Radio amateurs in Australia who operate inside the few existing TV channel 0 transmitter coverage areas are waiting for the phase-out of analogue TV so that they can join the international research being conducted on 50 MHz by radio amateurs in most of Australia (where TV channel 0 has already been removed).

g. The importance for radio amateurs worldwide is the existence of historical data for international research in the 50.000 to 50.200 MHz lowest part of the 50 MHz band that allows global changes to the earths atmospheric and ionospheric conditions to be monitored.

h. This is a unique use of the 50 MHz amateur radio allocation that contributes to the long term monitoring of the earth’s environment.

i. Most of the historical research records are only valid for 50.000 to 50.200 MHz so a loss of this allocation would make new research records of lesser value in the ongoing worldwide comparative research to monitor global environmental changes.

For example the historical records of International communications heard on the calling channel of 50.110 MHz USB is of little comparative value to research on 50.500 MHz or 51.000 MHz and has little relationship to research results above 52.000 MHz. That is unless access to the lower 50 MHz is allowed to continue worldwide to allow historical data to be used for continuing environmental atmospheric studies across the full 50 to 54 MHz 6 metre amateur radio band.

The detection of current and future environmental changes in the atmosphere and ionosphere depend on continued use of 50.000 to 50.200 MHz so that past records are directly comparable to the present day results from international amateur radio research on 50 MHz.


Unusual radio reception (propagation) is an indicator to overseas listeners of changes in the earth’s atmosphere that can be compared to historical amateur radio records, solar activity, weather and other studies to determine unusual changes in the earth’s atmosphere and ionosphere over time.

A loss of this amateur radio frequency allocation would mean that comparative studies over time using over 50 years of collected data would no longer be possible. This is because of the existence of documented records for this unique part of the radio spectrum where as the frequency increases from 50.000 to 50.200 MHz it becomes increasingly difficult to receive radio signals across the world.


Worldwide amateur radio beacons are specially located in the bottom part of the 50 MHz band and broadcast 24 hours a day. This makes it possible to detect changes in the properties of the earth’s ionosphere because 50 MHz is the normal Maximum Useable Frequency (MUF) limit for worldwide radio signal propagation under certain known conditions.

As the chemical content of earth’s atmosphere continues to change it may well be that data collected by radio amateurs worldwide will add to the knowledge on man made changes now suspected to be occurring in our atmosphere and environment.

Many 24 hour amateur radio beacons exist world wide from 50.500 Mhz to 54.000 Mhz but they can only detect an unusually high MUF worldwide radio propagation event and that is also important because it allows comparisons with the beacons below 50.100MHz.


Beacons at the bottom of 50 MHz allow the monitoring of changes to the earth’s atmospheric environment on an international scale.

Beacons above 50.5MHz normally experience little worldwide radio propagation but are normally greatly affected by radio propagation within 3000 kilometres that result from weather conditions and ionospheric causes as well as radio signals from 8000 kilometres that result from known events in the earth’s ionosphere. These radio beacons allow radio amateurs to especially study the national or regional atmospheric environment.


The atmosphere is a global system and the 50 to 54 MHz amateur band is situated in a part of the radio spectrum that allows the unique study of national, regional and global changes in earth’s atmospheric environment.


The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) will merge with the Australian Communication Authority (ACA) to become the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) by the 1st July 2005. Since ACMA will consider submissions I am including matters that relate to the spectrum in question. http://www.aba.gov.au/newspubs/news_rel ... nr05.shtml

1. On the phase-out of analogue TV services the entire Australian 6 metre 50 to 54 MHz amateur band become a primary amateur radio service in line with International usage (and current Australian usage outside TV channel 0 coverage areas). See one example of the current international and Australian use of the 50 MHz amateur radio band in appendix 1.

2. If desirable a digital radio broadcast band cover 43 to 50 MHz instead of 45 to 52MHz.

3. The main disadvantage in using the 30 to 50MHz band for broadcasting is the regular long distance radio conditions that cause interference to reception. This has been a long time problem for users of TV channel 0 (45 to 52 MHz) where TV stations a thousand kilometres away that use the same frequency suddenly appear and spoil reception for viewers and listeners. These same phenomena will cause radio interference and is studied and recorded by radio amateurs who use the 50 MHz band.

4. 56 to 70 MHz is a better digital radio broadcast allocation in VHF band I.

5. Australia allocate the 4 metre amateur band from 70 to 70.5 MHz for use by Australian radio amateurs. This will allow Australian amateurs to fill the gap in the Asia Pacific region by joining the atmospheric and ionospheric research being done on 70MHz by amateur stations in Africa and Europe.

Spot frequencies or operation on a no-interference basis would be useful in areas where the entire band is not available.


1. Current and long term International amateur radio use of the 50 to 54

MHz band supports the proposal that 43 to 50 MHz would be a more suitable international digital radio allocation.

2. Interference from other radio stations using the same frequency over great distances in the 43 to 50 MHz band would point to 56 to 70 MHz being the best frequency spectrum for a Digital radio VHF band I allocation.

3. The 50 to 54 MHz band be allocated as a primary amateur radio band.

4. The 70 to 70.5 MHz 4 metre band (or where not available spot frequencies or on a no-interference basis) be allocated to Australian radio amateurs to fill the gap in the Asia Pacific area in support of amateur radio atmospheric research in Africa and Europe.


Sam Voron, VK2BVS, 6O0A.

E-mail: somaliahamradio@yahoo.com

Tel: 61-2-94171066, 02- 94171066

Web site: http://www.somaliahamradio.8k.com

15 June 2005.


The following lists show the frequency, call sign and country of some of the 24 hour amateur radio beacons broadcasting worldwide especially in the first 90 Kilohertz of the 50.000 to 50.090 MHz part of the 50.000 to 54.000 MHz International 6 metre amateur radio band.

Many more beacons and amateur radio activities are being conducted worldwide that are not shown here.

The lists show amateur radio 24 hour beacon stations that are operating around the world as part of more than 50 years of on going International research into changes in the earth’s atmosphere (troposphere) and ionosphere.






50.000 GB3BUX United Kingdom.

50.000 9A1CAL Croatia.

50.001.0 VE1SMU Canada.

50.001.3 IW3FZQ Italy.

50.002.5 7Q7SIX Malawi.

50.003 VE2TH Canada.

50.004.0 I0JX Italy.

50.004.7 4N0SIX Yugoslavia.

50.005 ZS2SIX South Africa.

50.005 9M2TO Malaysia.

50.006 BX2AB China.

50.006 PY0FF Brazil.

50.007 ZD7VC St Helena Island.

50.007.8 DU1EV Philippines.

50.008 XE2HWB Mexico.

50.008.0 K0GUV USA.

50.008 I5MXX Italy.

50.009.5 PY2SFY Brazil.

50.010.8 SV9SIX Greece.

50.010 JA2IGY Japan.

50.011 ZS5ACT South Africa.

50.012 OX3SIX Greenland.

50.012 HP1RCP Panama.

50.013 CU3URA Cuba.

50.014 V73SIX Marshall Islands.

50.014.5 9M6SMC Malaysia.

50.015 YS1YS El Salvador.

50.015 9Y4AT Trinidad.

50.015 SV5SIX Greece.

50.015.5 LU9EHF Argentina.

50.015.5 VA2MGL Canada.

50.016 GB3BAA United Kingdom.

50.017 JA6YBR Japan.

50.018 VE4ARM Canada.

50.019 IZ1EPM Italy.

50.019 HB9DUC Switzerland.

50.020.7 IK5ZUL Italy.

50.021 S55ZRS Slovenia

50.021.1 UN1SIX Kazakhstan.

50.021 YU7AZ Serbia & Montenegro

50.023V LX0SIX Luxembourg

50.023 SR5SIX Poland.

50.023 XE1KK Mexico.

50.023 OZ7IGY Denmark.

50.023.0 JA1ZYK Japan.

50.023.5 ZP5AA Paraguay.

50.024.1 VE9BEA Canada.

50.024.9 VE4SPT Canada.

50.025 YV4AB Venezuela.

50.025 VP9DUB Bermuda.

50.025 KG0VL USA.

50.025.4 OH1SIX Finland.

50.026 SR9FHA Poland.

50.027 IW3GXW Italy.

50.027 CN8MC Morocco.

50.027 JE7YNQ Japan.

50.027.8 SR6SIX Poland.

50.028 5T5DUB Mauritania.

50.028 XE2ED Mexico.

50.029 P29BPL Papua New Guinea.

50.030 9A0BHH Croatia.

50.031.0 ZD8VHF Ascension Islands.

50.031.5 CT0SIX Portugal.

50.032 JR0YEE Japan.

50.033 VE2RCS Canada.

50.033 VE7FG Canada.

50.033 OH5RAC Finland.

50.034 YU1EO Serbia & Montenegro.

50.034 T94FC Bosnia-Hercegovina.

50.035 HC8GR Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

50.035 OY6SMC Faroe Islands.

50.036 VE4VHF Canada.

50.036 OA4B Peru.

50.036 LW2ETU Argentina.

50.036.6 7J6CCU Okinawa, Japan.

50.037.5 ES0SIX Estonia.

50.038 VA2MGL Canada.

50.038 C21SIX Nauru.

50.038 LU5EGY Argentina.

50.039 VO1ZA Canada.

50.039 FY7THF French Guiana.

50.039.5 VE4PL Canada.

50.040 VE2YKT Canada.

50.040 ZL3SIX Christchurch, New Zealand.

50.040 SV1SIX Greece.

50.041 VE6EMU Canada.

50.041 ON0SIX Belgium.

50.042 YF1OO Indonesia.

50.042.5 GB3MCB United Kingdom.

50.043 VE6ARC Canada.

50.043.3 ZL1VHF Whitford, New Zealand.

50.044 ZS6TWB South Africa.

50.045 OX3VHF Greenland.

50.045 LZ2CM Bulgaria.

50.045 IK1AIL Italy.

50.045.6 JW5SIX Japan.

50.046.5 VK8RAS Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

50.047 JW7SIX Norway.

50.047.2 4N1ZNI Yugoslavia.

50.048.2 VE8BY Canada.

50.048.5 TR0A Gabon.

50.048.7 JW9SIX Norway.

50.049.4 LZ2CC Bulgaria.

50.050 GB3RAL United Kingdom.

50.050 6Y5RC Kingston, Jamaica.

50.050 VA2WW Quebec City, Canada.

50.050 FO5DR Tahiti.

50.050 ZS6DN South Africa.

50.051 LA7SIX Norway.

50.052 SK2CP Sweden.

50.053 XE3RCM Mexico.

50.053.5 PI7SIX Brazil.

50.054 OZ6VHF Denmark.

50.054.4 VE2YAT Canada.

50.055 V44KAI St Kitts and Nevis Islands

50.056 I8EMG Italy.

50.057.0 VK8VF Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.

50.057 IT9X Italy.

50.057 VK7RAE Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia.

50.057 TF3SIX Reykjavik, Iceland.

50.057 K3DEL USA

50.057.5 VK4RGG South Port, Queensland, Australia.

50.058 HB9SIX Switzerland.

50.058 IQ4AD Italy

50.058 OE3XLB Austria.

50.059.5 VE3UBL Canada.

50.059.5 K4TQR Birmingham Alabama, USA.

50.059.7 W4CBX Bristol, TN, USA.

50.060 KE4WBO Jupiter, FL, USA

50.060.0 KD4NMI Knightdale, NC, USA.

50.060.0 GB3RMK United Kingdom.

50.060 XE2OR Mexico.

50.060.0 WB5LLI La Place, LA, USA.

50.060.0 WB0RMO Fairbury, NE, USA.

50.060 K5AB Georgetown, Texas, USA.

50.061 K9MU Chippewa Falls, WI, USA.

50.061.7 KH6HME Pahoa Hawaii, USA.

50.062 K8UK Sterling Hts, MI, USA.

50.062 KB6BKN Novato, CA, USA.

50.062 T99YVZ Bosnia-Hercegovina.

50.062.5 WB4WOR Randleman, NC, USA.

50.063 W9JN Stevens Point, WI, USA.

50.063 KE4SIX Augusta, GA, USA.

50.063 LY0SIX Lithuania.

50.063 KU7V Brigham City, UT, USA.

50.063.3 NL7Z Wasilla, AK, USA.

50.064.0 W3VD Laurel, MD, USA.

50.064 GB3LER United Kingdom

50.065 KS5V San Antonio, TX, USA.

50.065 KL7/KG0VL Circle Alaska, USA.

50.065 GB3IOJ United Kingdom.

50.065 FY1FV French Guiana.

50.065+- N9TNY Geneva, IL, USA.

50.065.0 W0IJR Aurora, CO, USA.

50.065.0 KA0CDN Aurora, CO, USA.

50.065.2 KH6HI Haleiwa Hawaii, USA.

50.065.5 W0MTK Fruita, CO, USA.

50.066 W5GPM Bartlesville, OK, USA.

50.066.0 VK6RPH Applecross, Western Australia.

50.066.2 W5SIX Fresno, CA, USA.

50.066.6 WA1OJB Bowdoin, ME, USA.

50.066.7 KQ4E Morristown, TN, USA.

50.067 WZ8D Loveland, OH, USA.

50.067 OH9SIX Finland.

50.067 N7DB Boring, OR, USA.

50.067.5 N3LL Bridgeville, PA, USA.

50.067.5 N8PUM Felch, MI, USA.

50.067.7 K0EC Vail Mtn, CO, USA.

50.068.5 K2ZD Union City, NJ, USA.

50.068.8 LU1DMA Buenos Aires, Argentina.

50.068.9 K6FV Woodside, CA, USA.

50.069 KL7FU Nr Barrow, AK, USA.

50.069 W9VW Indianapolis, IN, USA.

50.069 W8GTX Howell, MI, USA.

50.069 W7BAS Kenmore, WA, USA.

50.069.5 N0UD Nr Halliday, ND, USA.

50.069.9 W1RA Cape Cod, MA, USA.

50.070 EH2JG Spain.

50.070 EA7VHF Spain.

50.070 W4CLM Stanley, NC, USA.

50.070 KG6JAI Burbank, CA, USA.

50.070.1 K4KWK Chattenooga, TN, USA.

50.071 W5HN Allen, TX, USA.

50.071 W3DOG Laurel, DE, USA.

50.073 PP2SIX Brazil.

50.073 WA6LIE Salinas, CA, USA.

50.073 ES6RQ Estonia.

50.073 W7KMA Manassas, VA, USA.

50.073 K0KP Duluth, MN, USA.

50.073 K4YKZ Laurel Park, NC, USA.

50.074 KD4HLG Conyers, GA, USA.

50.074 W5RP San Angelo, TX, USA.

50.074 N7LT Bozeman, MT, USA.

50.074 FG1JD Guadeloupe Islands, France.

50.074 K8PLF Maumee, OH, USA.

50.074.3 W9AFB Champaign, IL, USA.

50.074.8 YV5LIX Caracas, Venezuela.

50.075 K1QVR Warren, MA, USA.

50.075 VR2SIX Hong Kong, China.

50.075 KA7BGR Central Point, OR, USA.

50.075 YO3KWJ Romania.

50.075 KC8SZU White Lake, MI, USA.

50.075 NL7XM/2 Staten Island, NY, USA.

50.075.0 KL7GLK/3 Bay Ridge, MD, USA.

50.075 K6WL San Ramon, CA, USA.

50.075.1 NA6DF Bald Mountain, CA, USA.

50.075.3 LW2ETU Argentina.

50.075.8 OH5SIX Finland.

50.076 NM7D St George, UT, USA.

50.076 WR9L Bourbonnais, IL, USA.

50.077 K4AHO Zellwood, FL, USA.

50.077 W9FZ Hillsboro, WI, USA.

50.077.5 VK4BRG Sarina, Queensland, Australia.

50.077.6 N0LL Smith Center, KS, USA.

50.078 AC3A Leawood, KS, USA.

50.078.0 OD5SIX Lebanon.

50.078.2 TI2NA San Jose, Costa Rica.

50.078.1 WD8OST Goetville, MI, USA.

50.079 KK7CQ Phoenix, AZ, USA.

50.079 JX7SIX Jan Mayen Island, Norway.

50.079 W4CHA Tampa, FL, USA.

50.079.0 W3CCX Philadelphia, PA, USA.

50.080 K0UO Kiowa, KS, USA.

50.080 ZS1SIX Cape Town, South Africa.

50.080 FK8SIX Noumea, New Caledonia.

50.080.0 UU5SIX Ukraine.

50.080.0 4X4SIX Tel Aviv, Israel.

50.080 VE3RCN Kingston, ON, Canada.

50.082 UT7UV/A Ukraine.

50.082.5 LU8DCH Argentina.

50.083.6 LU7YS Argentina.

50.084.0 UT5G Ukraine.

50.087 VK4RTL Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

50.090 ZZ2LER Brazil.

50283 VK3RMH near Melbourne, Vic, Australia.

50288 VK2RHV Mt Sugarloaf, NSW, Australia.

50293 VK3RMV near Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.

50297 VK7RST Mt Nelson, Hobart, Tas, Australia.

50300 F5TND France.

50304 VK6RSX Dampier, West Australia.

50306 VK6RBU Bunbury, Weast Australia.

50315.0 FX4SIX France.

50321 ZS5SIX South Africa.

50386 F1GTU France.

50285 EA5SIX Spain.

50480 JH8ZND Japan.

50485 JH9YHP Japan.

50490 JG1ZGW Tokyo, Japan.

50499.5 5B4CY Cyprus.

50520.3 SZ2DF Crete Island, Greece.

51030 ZL2MHB Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Thank you to Martin Harrison G3USF of the Propagation Studies Committee of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) for much of the beacon data.

Sam Voron, VK2BVS, 6O0A.

E-mail: somaliahamradio@yahoo.com

Tel: 61-2-94171066, 02- 94171066

Web site: http://www.somaliahamradio.8k.com
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