JOTA 40 TRX D.I.Y Workshop by QARL on 13th,14th and 15th of

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JOTA 40 TRX D.I.Y Workshop by QARL on 13th,14th and 15th of

Postby sinosh » Wed Jul 06, 2011 2:12 pm

ALL are invited!! but with a valid amateur licence. Jota TRX is a simple SSB (LSB) only, single conversion, 40M transceiver designed by VU2DEV, OM Ramaprabhu. It works on 12Volts Battery and outputs a Minimum Power of 15Watts average (30 watts pep) at 13.8 Volts sufficient to contact Soth-India and a few operators have contacted as far as Germany, South Africa etc running only a good Dipole antenna! The proposed workshop’s main aim is to promote HomeBrewing! As such this project is NOT meant for beginners.

Brief Tech Description:

This TRX is a singleconversion ssb rig. (lsb only)
The Local Oscillator (VFO) is a standard 5MHz requirement and hence the IF (Intermediate Frequency) is 12 MHz. So 12-5 = 7 MHz. Hence VFO tunes backward! That means an exact 5 MHz VFO gives 7MHz output whereas 4.9MHz VFO gives 7.1MHz.
The rig is kept simple by having a separate RX and a separate TX with common VFO to give Transceive operation.

Switching is done by a Double pole Relay and frontpanel switch functions as a PTT. The rig is originally meant for Scouts/Guides JOTA (Jamboree on The Air) activity and hence they needed a Send-Receive switch rather than a normal pushbutton switch.

For registration and for more details, contact VU3HLX Nakesh on 9895654344.

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