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Live video audio of hamfest

Postby kishore » Tue Jul 24, 2007 10:45 pm

Many of you have watched us over the past 5 years broadcast the Dayton Hamvention and last year the Huntsville Hamfest. Live hamfest video August 17-19.

We will be broadcasting again live video and audio of the 2007 Huntsville, AL hamfest this year via the internet.  The live broadcast begins on Friday morning Aug 17 at 0800 cst as we depart Memphis, Tn and head for Huntsville.  Just as we have done before, we will be broadcasting our drive live from the car.  We expect hams to be taking part in the Huntsville hamfest from all over the world.

Hams will be able to join in with a real time chat room while they are watching the video.  Video quality should be many times better than past hamfests that we have broadcast as we have a new high speed cam uplink.  Then from there, the video is streamed on our high speed server which has unlimited bandwidth to our viewers. In addition to our live video page, you will also see a link that takes you to a page that shows a world map and on it you will see where all our visitors are located.  Watch as the helmet cam takes you on a virtual tour of all the tables and booths there.  Also watch many activities such as the ARRL activities and the Young Ham of The Year.    If you can not be there in person go to http://wa5kub.com  and join in all the fun.

Please help pass this information on to all hams and clubs.


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