The Future of Amateur Radio Licensing – The Facts

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The Future of Amateur Radio Licensing – The Facts

Postby g3zhi » Thu Mar 24, 2005 5:45 pm

During autumn of 2004 at about the same time as Ofcom published the consultation
paper - The Radio Spectrum Framework Review, RSGB was led to believe that a
further consultation paper concerning the future of amateur radio licensing would be
published, probably early in 2005.In preparation for that document the RSGB intimated to Ofcom representatives, on
an unofficial basis, that the Society would be prepared to assume the responsibility
for issuing licences and all the administration that would involve. RSGB was aware
that Ofcom wished to substantially reduce its financial commitment to licence issuing,
particularly the resources currently involved.

During February 2005 it become apparent that Ofcom had abandoned the idea of a
consultative document and was preparing a ‘proposal document’ that would set out
Ofcom’s intended preference and in which some reference would be made to low
priority alternatives. This would pay lip service to consultation and instead would
confirm Ofcoms proposals.

The Society began to realise that the intended preference was to tempt amateurs
with a free licence for life and then after a few years completely de-regulate our

The free licence for life was going to be proposed in such a way that amateurs would
think they were going to get a good deal and then once that had been accepted
Ofcom would re-visit the licensing issue and then de-regulate. We must be on our
guard as they have made the de-regulation statement both in the ‘Spectrum Review’
consultation document published in late 2004 and in the yet to be published ‘Future
of Amateur Radio Licensing’ consultation document. It is vital that we stop any
attempts to de-regulate the hobby, therefore we must oppose any movement towards
a license for life.

De-regulation would disenfranchise all UK radio amateurs.

De-regulation would remove the need for examinations.

De-regulation would mean anyone operating on the amateur bands
in the UK would not need a licence.

De-regulation would mean that ALL UK radio amateurs would be
prevented from operating abroad under CEPT agreements.

De-regulation would mean any UK amateur moving abroad would
be unable to participate in reciprocal licensing agreements.

De-regulation would mean the end of the repeater network.

De-regulation would mean the end of the packet network.

De-regulation would mean the end of Notices of Variations.

De-regulation would mean the end of band-plans in the UK.

The RSGB is not prepared to see the hobby of amateur radio in the
UK destroyed.

The RSGB does not intend to be enticed by short-term promises of
a free licence.
The RSGB will do all in its power to prevent de-regulation.

The RSGB has approached authority to highlight the dangers of de-regulation. As a
result of our initial approaches the Ofcom Board has thrown out the immediate
publication of the supposed consultation document. They have referred back the
document for re-evaluation.

The RSGB has over 80 years of amateur radio experience and we are prepared to
challenge Ofcom arrogance.

We deplore ‘preferred option’ being issued under the guise of consultation.
We will now seek a document that is genuinely “consultative”.
Please support your Society in this campaign.

73 Ian G3ZHI

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