NIAR Andaman team is back

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NIAR Andaman team is back

Postby vu2jos » Sat Jan 22, 2005 7:30 pm

This is to inform you that all Ham Members who were on Dxpedition till 26th December 2004 and their support team which became Tsunami Emergency communication operation, are all safe and returned to NIAR Headquarters on 15th January 2004.

The Tsunami operation a major success with the help of excellent cooperation from National / International Ham community.

Some of our ham members who operated from remote and inaccessible areas of Car Nicobar and other islands were able to communicate through many relay stations to provide the much needed relief.

All logs of Dxpedition are safe and we will enter them into computers.

We are also happy to inform you that around 1000 Direct QSLs have also arrived safely at NIAR QSL Bureau. We are also entering them
into computers.

The finanicial support already given and promises made will meet some of our Dxpedition cum Tsunami Emergency communication.

So, we are grateful to all those who are contributing to our efforts.

Kindly wait patiently for our reply QSL Cards.

With Regards

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

Public Relations Officer, NIAR

Member - Tsunami Emergency Communication located at Hut Bay in Little Andaman Islands.

For "Mission and duty go ham in hand"

article in todays Times of India click:


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