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Seanet 2005

Postby gopal » Thu May 27, 2004 3:06 pm

Hello All,

This is just to remind every one that the Seanet 2005 will be held in Bangalore from the 7th to 9th October 2005. Planning has already been started by the Seanet 2005 committee, and the venue has also been zero-ed on.

A few of us have decided to go to Bangkok for this year's conference(19th to 21st November 2004) where a Power Point presentation is going to be shown detailing the programme for the conference and giving India and Bangalore / Karnataka due publicity. Pre and Post conference tours will also be available for those interested.

We expect over a 100 foreign delegates. Last years conference had this number and not just from the Southeast Asia countries but as far away as Mexico, Germany etc.

It would be nice if many more would join the group as it is relatively inexpensive to travel to Thailand and there is a lot to be seen, and a sizeable delegation from next years host country would be a good boost for our event.

If the response from our hams is good, then we can work out good deals with the travel agents including some side trips to interesting places outside Bangkok. Perhaps a trip totaling a little over a week would be very nice.

Do think about it and let us know of your interest



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