PIC16F84 MAG LCD frequency counter

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PIC16F84 MAG LCD frequency counter

Postby yo6po » Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:07 am

Hello everyone !

I have built the frequency counter and worked from the first power up.I had to redraw the PCB in order to make it with themo transfer.I have uploaded the SprintLayout file , the pdf you can print it and use it for pcb manufacturing by toner transfer method, take it as my free contribution to this project.
I am no a real pic programmer elmer so I need some help.I want to insert the counter in a home made BINGO 40 CW transceiver.I would need a software modification so that the offset to be for IF = 10MHz but the complicated problem is to keep the offset value selected from SW2 to be stored at power down and at power up to start with the set offset instead of offset 0.00 (<D).
At this moment at every power up I need to select offset no 8 from sw2.
Thanks in advance, and maybe it is not so difficult to correct the "bug"

Best 73'
yo6po, Zoli
This is the the SprintLayout file for the counter.Just rename to Freq_meter.lay
(19.81 KiB) Downloaded 430 times
frqmeter multi.pdf
This is the printable 1:1 scale pcb drawing for toner transfer.Just print it and iron it
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Re: PIC16F84 MAG LCD frequency counter

Postby mvs sarma » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:26 pm

did you use 16F84A or latest 16F628A and its modded version hex file by VU3CNS.
Perhaps the later version using 16F628A works and saves the selected offset. you can dohex file eatc at pcb.hamradio.in

all the best
mvs sarma
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