High Altitude Balloon Experiment

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High Altitude Balloon Experiment

Postby Raghav » Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:06 pm

Hello All,
This is Raghav, We are conducting a High Altitude balloon experiment with the desired altitude of 43km. The payloads involved are:
1. Primary payloads-

>solar radiation sensor (pyranometer)
>cosmic rays detector (geiger muller)

2. Secondary payloads-

>Temperature sensor
>Humidity sensor
>Wind velocity sensor

Our objective is to transmit the data wireless in real time with some pictures as well. So we will be using raspberry pi as the onboard processing unit and for the tracking purpose, we are planning to use a readymade tracker - "pi in the sky”. But we came across a number of methods for tracking the payload like: GSM/GPS trackers, SPOT tracker, APRS, UKHAS Radio Tracker.

Pl suggest some ground station system for data receiving as well as payload tracking.
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