Questions from a beginner

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Questions from a beginner

Postby sgrover » Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:20 am

I am planning on starting out with amateur radio and I had several questions:

1. Should I first get a restricted licence and later a general licence, or should I try to go straight for a general licence? Would I be over-ambitious to apply for a general licence straight away (after learning morse code naturally)? How much more difficult is the general exam compared with the restricted exam?

2. There is plenty of software online for learning how to receive morse. But how can I learn to send morse? What sort of equipment is provided in the exam for sending morse? Is it a morse key? Where does one get that from? Are they still being manufactured?

3. Is there any reading material available for the exam regarding telecom regulations and other subjects pertaining to the written exam?

4. There is scant information available on the procedure for giving the exam. Do I have to go to the wireless station or should I just post the form to the address given on this website and wait for their reply.

5. I am currently staying in Bombay. It would be helpful if I could get in touch with some groups or individuals who are ham radio operators and be able to talk to them and meet them in person to get introduced to the area. Is there anyone from Bombay on these forums or is there some website that I can use to get in touch with someone?

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Re: Questions from a beginner

Postby lkopandit » Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:10 pm

Dear Mr S Grover

Welcome in HAM Fraternity.

Please follow the following link :


There are
1. Thane Amateur Radio Association
2. Mumbai Amateur Radio Society
3. JNA wireless Association
4. Panvel HAMs

conducting the the Classes for appearing Amateur Radio Examination..

For more info and contact details of any of the above club, Feel free to call me on 9867726494 or mail me on : vu2wsm@gmail.com


There are many Hams in Mumbai who can help you in this regards.

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