HAMTECH 2015 in Andaman & Nicobar

The HAMTECH events creates a platform for Amateur Radio enthusiasts from around the world to discuss debate and demonstrate their technical capabilities on latest Amateur Radio Technology tools and skills, showcasing a world class high frequency multi-operator contest station, site selection, electronic equipment considerations, teamwork with various types of Antenna systems and Propagation studies on various radio frequency bands.

It may be noted that similar events in the past were also supp [...]


The Coimbatore Amateur Radio Club Field Day,

Subject : Antenna Building

Venue ASOKA PLAZA Gandhipuram Coimbatore

TIME:5 P.M date 13th & 18th April ( HAM DAY )

All are invited

RSVP : Mail vu2ape@rediffmail.com

Kollam Ham Fair 2014

The world Amateur Radio Day is celebrated every year on 18th April to commemorate the formation of International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) on this day in 1925 at Paris. The QARL celebrates the event every year on 18th April or the nearest Sunday by conducting Ham fair. This year the programme will be held on Sunday, the 13th April. Lake City Contest and VHF Fox Hunt are also conducted in connection with the Amateur Radio Day celebrations. The 18th Kerlal VHF Fox Hunt will be conducted at Pathan [...]

HFI2014 Registration at Maha Meet 2014

Hamfest India team is attending MAHA MEET 2014

A Registration desk is available at Maha Meet, on 8th Feb'2014, Mahabalipuram.

Interested HAMs/SWLs can avail this facility to register for the upcoming Hamfest India 2014, Hyderabad.